Tuesday, September 6, 2011

McCall to Hagerman, ID

Another beautiful trip through Idaho to our next stop.  We are amazed at the continual changing landscape.

Little towns...lots of trees.

Beautiful country.

Lots of trees and rocks.

The north fork of the Payette River.

If you look wayyy in the background you can see Boise, ID.

The farther we go the less trees we see.
Coming down in elevation and only seeing buttes now.

Very stark in places.

As we got closer to Hagerman, lots of farmland but huge watering systems needed.

It was a nice trip down to Hagerman and we stayed in the area for four days and really had a blast.  I'm going to end this post and start another one or this one would be way too long.  We just wanted to show you how diverse the environment is in Idaho.  This is a very remarkable state.  Stay tuned for more ...... white water rafting, box canyons, amazing waterfalls, aquifers......

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